First Contact: Rome and Northern Britain, edited by David Breeze, Lis Thoms and Derek Hall

Out of print

This volume provides a summary of a conference ‘First Contact: Rome and Northern Britain’, held in Perth in the spring of 2008.


David Breeze: ‘Introduction’

Pete Wilson: ‘Holding the line? The Humber frontier and the expansion into Yorkshire reconsidered’

David Shotter: ‘When did the Romans invade Scotland?’

Rebecca Jones: ‘Chasing the army: the problems of dating temporary camps’

Birgitta Hoffman: ‘Cardean: the changing face of a Flavian fort in Scotland’

David Wooliscroft: ‘79AD and all that: when did the Romans reach Perthshire?’

Erik Dobat: ‘The Gask ‘system’ in Perthshire: the first artificial frontier line in the Roman empire?’

William Hanson: ‘The fort at Elginhaugh and its implication for Agricola’s role in the conquest of Scotland’

David Breeze: ‘Conclusions’