A Special Conference held in Perth Museum and Art Gallery in March 2002 explored the links, both town and country and international, involved in the origins, maintenance and development of the medieval burgh. The principal focus was Perth but evidence from other towns was included. Similarly although the focus was on the archaeological evidence, other evidence was included as appropriate. Time did not permit the inclusion of a paper on the Pictish background to the origin of Perth but a short paper on this subject is included in these published papers. The final programme was as follows: –

Rising from the Waves (David Bowler, SUAT Ltd)

Scandinavian Influence? I: Archaeological Background (Colleen Batey, Glasgow Museums)

Scandinavian Influence II: Historical Background (Barbara Crawford, St Andrews University)

Wood use in the Medieval Scottish Burgh (Anne Crone, AOC Ltd)

Burgh Mentalities: thought-worlds in medieval Perth (Mark Hall, Perth Museum & Art Gallery)

Gone to Pot? (Derek Hall, SUAT Ltd)

Flesche and fische eneuch: the role of animals in the medieval Scottish economy (Catherine Smith, SUAT Ltd)

Aberdeen and its Hinterland (Christopher Croly, Aberdeen Archaeology Unit)

Managing the resource: Urban Archaeological Databases (Dave Strachan, Perth & Kinross Council and Heritage Trust and Russell Coleman, Headland Archaeology)