Published November 1995, 86 pp. c.45 illus; ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Sorry, this is now out of print.  However it is available in pdf format.


Anna Ritchie: ‘Meigle and lay patronage in the 9th and 10th centuries AD’.

John Sherriff: ‘Prehistoric rock-carving in Angus’.

Derek Hall: ‘Pre-Burghal St. Andrews’.

Charles Falconer: ‘Excavations at Marketgate/Ladybridge, Arbroath’.

James Mackenzie: ‘Excavations at the Star Garage, Montrose’.

Derek Hall: ‘Excavations at St Nicholas Farm, St. Andrews, 1986-7’.

David Easton: ‘The survival of Industrial remains in Fife, from OS maps to survey’.