Published November 2008. 217pp. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Contents, Contributors and Introduction by Rachel Benvie

Rebecca Jones and Gordon Maxwell: ‘A horseman riding by: Archaeological discovery in 1754’.

Martin Cook: ‘An early Christian vallum in Dunning?’

Christopher Fyles: ‘Excavations at School Road, Abernethy’

Ray Cachart: ‘Excavations at Kinross’

Thomas Rees, Douglas Gordon and Alan Matthews: ‘Excavations within the graveyard of the Holy Trinity, St Andrews, Fife’

Stuart Farrell (ed): ‘Monimail Tower: Its History, Architecture and Archaeological Investigations 1983-2000’

Ted Cowan: ‘Scottish History Competing pathways to the Past’