Perth High Street Archaeological Excavation 1975‑1977. Living and working in a medieval Scottish Burgh. Environmental remains and miscellaneous finds.

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This Fascicule includes a full analysis of the mammal, bird and fish bone assemblages, botanical remains, feathers, mollusca and a compilation of reports on the worked bone, stone, flint and glass assemblages.

the late G W I Hodgson, Catherine Smith, Angela Jones: ‘The mammal bone’

Catherine Smith and A S Clarke ‘The bird bone’

Andrew K G Jones: ‘The fish bone’

I H M Smart, R B Longmore ‘The human bone’

the late David Heppel, Catherine Smith and David McKay: ‘The mollusca’

Mary Fraser: ‘The botanical remains’

Ruby Cerón-Carrasco: ‘The feathers’

Catherine Smith:’ The environment of medieval Perth’

with illustrations by Dave Munro and Tamlin Barton