Perth High Street Archaeological Excavation 1975‑1977. The Excavations at 75‑95 High Street and 5‑10 Mill Street, Perth.

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The archaeological excavations at 75 High Street, Perth (Marks and Spencer) were some of the largest urban medieval excavations ever carried out in Scotland. They are still unparalleled in terms of the depth, quality and quantity of the archaeological deposits revealed. Thanks to the waterlogged soil conditions, remains of many timber buildings were recovered along with large quantities of pottery, wooden objects, leather and textiles. Finally published some 35 years later, this Fascicule includes a historical background coupled with a detailed, well-illustrated report on the excavations and a chapter detailing the remarkable collection of twenty-nine medieval timber buildings excavated on the site.

David R Perry: ‘The excavation’

Hilary Murray: ‘The buildings’

Tom Beaumont-James with the late N Q Bogdan: ‘Historical introduction’

with a CD insert containing

the late N Q Bogdan and Chris Given-Wilson ‘Architecture survey’

J Lawson Brown ‘Geology’

Mary Markus ‘Worked stone catalogue’

Tom Beaumont James ‘History timeline’

with illustrations by Dave Munro and Tamlin Barton