Perth High Street Archaeological Excavation 1975‑1977. The Ceramics, the Metalwork and the Wood.

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This fascicule contains the reports on the ceramics, metalwork and wood, including basketry and boat timbers.

The ceramics

Derek W Hall, George Haggarty, the late Alan Vince: ‘The medieval pottery’

John di Folco: ‘The roof furniture and floor tiles’

Colin Martin: ‘The clay pipes’

The metalwork

Alison Goodall: ‘The non-ferrous metal objects’

Veronica Smart and Mark A Hall ‘The coins’

Julie Franklin and the late Ian Goodall: ‘The iron’

David Caldwell, Blanche Ellis and the late N Q Bogdan: ‘The military metalwork and spurs’

John Cherry, Mark A Hall and J D Bateson: ‘Dress rings, lead mounts and a pewter token’

Mark A Hall and the late Brian Spencer: ‘Devotion and belief on Perth High Street: the devotional objects and mirror cases’

The wood

Alice Curteis, Carole A Morris and the late N Q Bogdan ‘The worked wood’

Colin M Martin and the late N Q Bogdan ‘The boat timbers’

the late Dorothy Wright, the late N Q Bogdan and Carole A Morris: ‘The baskets’

with illustrations by Dave Munro, Tamlin Barton and Marion O’Neill