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Rachel Faulkner-Jones: ‘Experiments with the replica Friarton Dirk’

Donna Hawthorne, Mike Roy and Jake Streetfeild-James: ‘Crab apple processing: the contents of an isolated Neolithic pit at Courthill Farm, Inverkeilor, Angus’

Ian Hill: ‘Excavations at land south of Gardyne Street, Friockheim, Angus’

Derek Hall and Kevin Malloy: ‘Always chasing deer’ – further excavations at the deer parks of Buzzart Dykes and Kincardine Park and new excavations at Kincardine Castle in 2013’

Catherine Smith, Derek Hall, Vanessa Habib, Clare Thomas, George Haggarty and Michael Hughes: ‘Keeping a close watch: pottery, faunal remains and artefacts from Perth Watching Briefs’

Christopher Fyles: ‘Monitoring the refurbishment of Kindrochit Castle, Aberdeenshire’

Louise Turner and Claire Williamson ‘Inheritance, entitlement and a sense of place: a study of two Perthshire farm steadings’