Volume 1 (1995)

Published November 1995, 86 pp. c.45 illus; ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Sorry, this is now out of print.  However it is available in pdf format.


Anna Ritchie: ‘Meigle and lay patronage in the 9th and 10th centuries AD’.

John Sherriff: ‘Prehistoric rock-carving in Angus’.

Derek Hall: ‘Pre-Burghal St. Andrews’.

Charles Falconer: ‘Excavations at Marketgate/Ladybridge, Arbroath’.

James Mackenzie: ‘Excavations at the Star Garage, Montrose’.

Derek Hall: ‘Excavations at St Nicholas Farm, St. Andrews, 1986-7’.

David Easton: ‘The survival of Industrial remains in Fife, from OS maps to survey’.

Volume 2 (1996)

Published November 1996, 129 pp. c.71 illus; ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Sorry, this volume is now out of print, but the articles are now available in pdf format by clicking on the links below.


Gordon Ewart, David Stewart and Andrew Dunn:‘Preston Island: archaeological research and excavations’.

John Sherriff: ‘A medieval burial from Tangleha’, Kincardine’.

Colin & Paula Martin: ‘Vernacular pottery manufacture in Cupar, Fife’.

Stephen Carter: ‘A radiocarbon dated pit alignment at North Straiton, near Leuchars, Fife’.

Adrian Cox: ‘Post-medieval dress accessories from recent urban excavations in Scotland’.

Trevor Cowie, Mark Hall, Brendan O’Connor and Richard Tipping: ‘The Late Bronze Age hoard from Corrymucklock, near Amulree, Perthshire’.

Russel Coleman: ‘Excavations at the Abbot’s House, Dunfermline’.

Fraser Hunter: ‘Recent Roman Iron Age metalwork finds from Fife and Tayside’.

Derek Hall: ‘Scottish Medieval Pottery Industries’.

Volume 3 (1997)

Published November 1997, 215pp. 7 colour plates, c.25 illus. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Edwina Proudfoot: ‘Short Cist burials from Fife’

Margaret Stewart & Gordon Barclay: ‘Excavations in burial and ceremonial sites of the Bronze Age in Tayside’ (1)

‘Excavations in burial and ceremonial sites of the Bronze Age in Tayside’ (2)

John Sherriff:  ‘An early Bronze Age metalworker’s mould from Angus’

Brendan O’Connor & Trevor Cowie: ‘Bronze Age metalwork from Kinnoull, Perth’

Philip Freeman: ‘Excavations at Craigie Hill, Fife, 1991’

Stephen Driscoll: ‘A Pictish settlement in NE Fife: Excavations at Easter Kinnear’

Adrian Cox:  ‘An archaeological excavation at Tolbooth Wynd, Anstruther’

James Mackenzie & Colm Moloney:  ‘Medieval development and the cemetery of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Logies Lane, St Andrews’

David Cowley: ‘Archaeological Landscapes in Strathbraan, Perthshire’

Russel Coleman & David Perry: ‘Moated Sites in Tayside and Fife’

Adrian Cox and Michael King:  ‘Recent Medieval metalwork finds from East Fife’

Stuart Farrell:  ‘Robert Balding, mining engineer: a view of the early 19th century collieries of Fife’

Graeme Heddle & Robert Morris: ‘Charles Hill gun battery’

Colour plates

Volume 4 (1998)

Published November 1998, 326pp. 7 colour plates, c.150 illus. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Volume 4 is now out of print. Articles may be downloaded here:


Caroline Wickam-Jones & Magnar Dalland: ‘A small mesolithic site at Craighead Golf Course, Fife Ness, Fife’

Magnar Dalland and Stephen Carter: ‘A prehistoric burial mound at Maryton Law, Montrose’

David Taylor, Jim Rideout, Chris Russell-White & Trevor Cowie: ‘ Prehistoric burials from Angus’

Gavin MacGregor: ‘Excavation on Bronze Age, Roman and medieval sites in Fife, 1995’

Tim Neighbour: ‘Excavations on the Roman temporary camp at Longforgan, Dundee, 1994’

Thomas Rees: ‘Excavation at Culhawk Hill ring-ditch house, Kirriemuir, Angus’

Mark Hall, Isabel Henderson and Simon Taylor: ‘A sculptured fragment from Pittensorn Farm, Gellyburn, Perthshire’

Mark Hall: ‘A probable gaming board from Ormiston, Fife’

Mark Hall & DDR Owen: ‘A Tristram and Iseult mirror-case from Perth’

Iain Fraser: ‘An additional medieval sculpture from Tealing, Angus’

Derek Hall: ‘The Scottish Medieval Pottery Industry: a pilot study’

James R Mackenzie: ‘Excavations at Green’s Playhouse, 106-110 Nethergate, Dundee’

John Lewis: ‘Excavations at Culross Palace & Bessie Bar Hall, Fife’

Simon Taylor & Michael Henderson: ‘The medieval marches of Wester Kinnear, Kilmany Parish, Fife’

Edwina Proudfoot: ‘St Andrews Cathedral Graveyard Survey’

David Perry: ‘A new look at old Arbroath’

David Pollock: ‘Excavations in Arbroath in the early 1980s’

Adrian Cox: ‘Grave consequences: a consideration of the artefact evidence from four post-medieval graveyard excavations’

Photographic illustrations

Volume 5 (1999)

Published November 1999, 202pp. 7 colour plates, c.83 illus. Out of print.

ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Individual articles can be downloaded in pdf format here:


Obituary: Bob Buchan

Alan Saville: ‘A exceptional polished flint axe-head from Bolshan Hill, near Montrose, Angus’

John R Sherriff: ‘Five Neolithic carved stones from Angus’

Gordon J Barclay and Clive LN Ruggles: ‘On the frontier? Recumbent stone circles in Kincardineshire and Angus’

John R Sherriff: ‘Ruthven souterrain, Angus’

Bill Finlayson, Geraint Coles, Andrew Dunwell and Ian Ralston: ‘The Angus and South Aberdeenshire Field School of the Department of Archaeology, University of Edinburgh – research design’

Derek Alexander with Ian Ralston ‘Survey work on Turin Hill, Angus’

David Perry et al: ‘Excavations at 77-79 High Street, Arbroath’

Derek Hall and Mike King et al: ‘Field survey and assessment at the former site of St Christopher’s Parish Church, Cupar’

Jamie Hamilton and Ronan Toolis et al: ‘Further excavations at the site of a medieval leper hospital at St Nicholas Farm, St Andrews’

The late Margaret Stewart, John Atkinson, Gordon Barclay & Adrian Cox: ‘Excavations at Allt na Moine Buidhe and Allt Lochan nan Losgunn, Perthshire’

Gavin MacGregor: ‘The excavation and analysis of a field dyke at Cragganester, Loch Tayside’

Virginia Glenn: ‘Thirteenth-century seals – Tayside, Fife and the wider world’

Paula Martin: ‘An early-nineteenth-century racecourse stand at Uthrogle, near Cupar, Fife’ 

Colour illustrations

Index to Volumes 1-5

Volume 6 (2000)

Published November 2000, 238pp, c. 107 illus. Out of print

Gordon Barclay: ‘Croft Moraig Reconsidered’.

Kenneth Brophy: ‘Excavations at Milton of Rattray, Blairgowrie’.

Derek Alexander: ‘Investigation of a cropmark enclosure at West Mains, Lunan Bay, Angus’.

Colm J Moloney: ‘Excavations at 16 Wishart Avenue, Montrose’.

Mike Roy and Graeme Brown: ‘Excavations at 27-35 Panmure Street/72-78 Murraygate, Dundee’.

Graeme Brown and Julie Roberts: ‘Excavations in the medieval cemetery of the city churches, Nethergate, Dundee’.

Mike Roy and Charles Falconer: ‘Excavations at 110 High Street, Perth’.

Ray Cachart: ‘Excavations at 106-110 South Street, St Andrews’.

David Bowler, David Perry & Mike Middleton: ‘Clearance and survey at Edzell Old Church, Angus’.

Mark Hall, Katherine Forsyth, Isabel Henderson, Ian Scott, Ross Trench-Jellicoe and Angus Watson: ‘Of Making and Meanings: towards a cultural biography of the Crieff Burgh cross, Strathearn, Perthshire’.

Anne Crone, Richard Fawcett and Mark Hall: ‘A group of Late Medieval carved wooden panels in Perth Museum and Art Gallery: Provenance and Date’.

Coralie Mills: ‘Dendrochronology of oak timbers from historic buildings in St Andrews’.

John Sullivan: ‘Lead Seals of Russian Origin in Fife’.

Alex Darwood: ‘East Neuk Milestones’.

Volume 7 (2001)

Published November 2001, 161pp. c. 69 illus. Out of print.

Trevor Cowie and Mark Hall: `Late Bronze Age metalwork from Scottish rivers: a rediscovered sword from the River Forth near Cambus, Clackmannanshire, in its wider context’.

Heather James: `Excavations at Kingsbarns, Fife, in 1997-8: an Iron Age short cist burial, prehistoric pits and a buried eighteenth century bridge within the designed landscape of Cambo’.

Heather James and Paul Duffy: `Archaeological investigation on the Tarvit to Balmullo water pipeline route, Fife’.

Gordon Barclay: `The excavation of an early medieval enclosure at Upper Gothens, Meikleour, Perthshire’.

Colin Macleod and Ben Wilson: `Did a beaked whale inspire the “Pictish Beast”?’

Colm Moloney and Louise Baker: `Evidence for the form and nature of a medieval burgage plot in St Andrews: An archaeological excavation on the site of the Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, St Andrews’.

Stephen Carter: `A reassessment of the origin of the St Andrews “garden soil”.

Christopher Lowe: `The distribution and survival of medieval and later deposits in the medieval burgh of Crail, Fife’.

Timothy Holden, Howard Murray and Christopher Lowe: `The King’s Mills, Crail’.

Ray Cachart and Adrian Cox: `Archaeological excavation at the White Church, Comrie’.

Stuart Farrell: `Fife gravestones: a personal view’.

Iain Fraser: `Three Perthshire Water Meadows: Strathallan, Glendevon and Bertha’.

Volume 8 (2002)

Published November 2002, 211pp. c. 120 illus. In print. Price £4.00, including p&p

Gordon J Barclay and Caroline Wickham-Jones: ‘The investigation of some lithic scatters in Perthshire’.

Stuart Halliday: ‘Excavations at a Neolithic enclosure at Castle Menzies, Aberfeldy, Perthshire’.

Kirsty Cameron: ‘The excavation of Neolithic pits and Iron Age souterrains at Dubton Farm, Brechin, Angus’.

Russel Coleman and Fraser Hunter: ‘The excavation of a souterrain at Shanzie Farm, Alyth, Perthshire’.

Archie Dick: ‘Trial excavation of a souterrain at Fletcherfield, Strathmore, Angus’.

Erika B Guttman: ‘Time and tide at East Wemyss: excavations on the foreshore 1980-1995’.

David Bowler: ‘Excavation and watching brief in Dunino churchyard, Fife’.

Derek W Hall: ‘Scottish White Gritty Ware from antiquarian excavations in Tentsmuir Forest, Fife’

Michael Roy: ‘Excavation of the south-western bastion of Cromwell’s citadel on the South Inch, Perth’.

Adrian Cox: ‘The archaeology of a walled garden at Kinross House’.

Paula Martin: ‘Salt-water fish ponds in Fife’.

Coralie M Mills: ‘The Granary, Elie Harbour, Fife: a contribution to the development of dendrochronology in Scotland’.

Volume 9 (2003)

Published November 2003, 139pp. c. 96 illus. Out of print

Lisbeth M Thoms: ‘Nicholas Q Bogdan and David W Taylor: an appreciation’.

Michael Cressey, Alastair Rees & Susan Dawson: ‘Radiocarbon determinations on marine shell from Inchture, Perth and Kinross’.

Alex Hale: ‘Prehistoric rock carvings in Strath Tay’.

Catherine McGill: ‘The excavation of a palisaded enclosure and associated structures at Ironshill East, near Inverkeilor, Angus’.

RJ Strachan, JE Hamilton & AJ Dunwell: ‘Excavation of cropmark enclosures in Angus at Mains of Edzell, Edzell, and Hawkhill, Lunan’.

Kirsty Cameron: ‘A new investigation at West Grange of Conan souterrain’.

Simon Stronach: ‘Archaeological evidence for the evolution of medieval South Street, Perth’.

Derek W Hall: ‘Medieval pottery from the Overgate, Dundee, and three vessels from the walls of a building on the Nethergate, Dundee’

Graeme Brown & Jonathan Miller: ‘An archaeological investigation at Dunlappie Parish church, Edzell, Angus’.

Iain Fraser: ‘Cortachy Sacrament House’.

John R Sherriff: ‘South Leckaway: an early 18th-century farmhouse in Kinnettles, Angus’.

Alex Darwood & Andrew M Sherriff: ‘Apotropaic markings and spiritual middens in a house at 21 Shore Street, Anstruther, Fife’.

Volume 10 (2004)

Published November 2004, 161pp. c. 69 illus. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online). Out of print

This volume is now out of print, but most of the articles are now available in pdf format by clicking on the links below.

Kenneth Brophy and Gordon J Barclay: ‘A rectilinear timber structure and post-ring at Carsie Mains, Meikleour, Perthshire’.

John Lewis and John Terry: ‘The excavation of an Early Bronze Age cemetery, Holly Road, Leven, Fife 2003’

Brendan O’Connor: ‘The Early Bronze Age axe from Inchtuthil and its deposition’

David Strachan: ’A Late Bronze Age logboat from the Tay estuary at Carpow, Perth and Kinross’.

Colin Donaldson, Simon Allison and Mark A Hall: ‘Vitrified Rocks from Dun Knock hillfort, Dunning, Perth and Kinross’

Richard Connolly: ‘Excavations at Abernethy Primary School, Abernethy’

Alistair Rees: ‘The excavation of prehistoric and medieval features at Inchture, Perth and Kinross’

Catherine McGill ‘Excavations of cropmarks at Newbarns, near Inverkeilor, Angus’

Ray Cachart: ‘Salvage excavation and watching brief at Oathlaw and Tannadice Parish Church, Tannadice, Forfar, Angus’

John Lewis: ‘Excavations at Melgund Castle, Angus 1990-96’

Anne Crone, Neil Grieve, Kevin Moore and David Perry: ‘Investigations into an early timber frame roof in Brechin, Angus ’

Adrian Cox: ‘Three Perthshire ice houses: selected results of a desk-based assessment and programme of field investigation’

Adrian Cox: ‘Agricultural drainage exposed: observations recorded during a watching brief on the construction of a water pipeline in Angus’

Index to Volume 10


Volume 11 (2005)

Published November 2005. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online). Out of print

Ronald Baird ‘The Roman road at Woodlea, Greenloaning, Perthshire: excavations in 1997/8’

David Wooliscroft ‘A possible Roman road cutting at Innerpeffray Library, Perthshire

Chris Fyles, Julie Roberts and Derek Hall ‘Watching brief on environmental improvements around St John’s Kirk, Perth’

Richard Fawcett and Derek Hall ‘The Perth Charterhouse’

Derek Hall and Simon Chenery ‘New evidence for early connections between Scotland and Denmark? The chemical analysis of medieval greyware pottery from Scotland’

Anne Crone ‘A tale of three tuns: a 12th century French barrel from the High Street, Perth’

Mark Hall ‘A Renaissance carved figurative wooden panel from Bridgend, Perth’

Mark Hall ‘John of Stratherne and Alan Muschamp: two medieval men of Strathearn and their seal matrices’

Bruce Glendinning and David Perry ‘Archaeological excavation and recording at 16-18 and 22 Exchange Street, Dundee’

Adrian Cox and David Perry ‘Sculptured stones in Balgay Park, Dundee

David Bowler ‘ Survey of WWII remains at Findo Gask Airfield, Clathymore, Perth and Kinross’

Volume 12 (2006)

Published November 2006. 125pp. In print. Price £4.00, including p&p

Simon Stronach, Alison Sheridan and David Henderson, ‘A bronze age cremation cemetery at North Straiton, Fife’.

Sue Anderson and Alastair Roy Rees, ‘The excavation of a large double-chambered souterrain at Ardownie Farm Cottages, Monifieth, Angus’.

David Cowley and David Strachan, ‘Upper Glendevon: the archaeology of a reservoir’.

Nick Dixon and Matthew Shelley, ‘Perthshire Crannog Survey 2004’.

Fraser Hunter, ‘Recent finds from Strageath Roman fort’.

Derek Hall, ‘’”Unto yone hospital at the tounis end”: the Scottish medieval hospital’.

Adrian Cox, ‘Archaeological building survey and excavation at Cottown Old Schoolhouse’.

George Haggarty, ‘A gazetteer and summary of recorded French pottery imported into Scotland c 1150 to c 1650: a ceramic contribution to Scotland’s economic history’.

Volume 13 (2007)

Published November 2007. 217pp. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online). Out of print.

Contents, Contributors and Introduction by Isobel M Hughes.

Martin Cook: ‘Early Neolithic ritual activity, Bronze Age occupation and Medieval activity at Pitlethie Road, Leuchars, Fife’.

Hilary and Charlie Murray: ‘The excavation of a disturbed Bronze Age cemetery at Ethiebeaton, Angus ‘.

Kirsty Cameron, Alastair Rees, Andrew Dunwell and Sue Anderson: ‘Prehistoric pits, Bronze Age roundhouses, an Iron Age promontory enclosure, Early Historic cist burials and medieval enclosures along the route of the A92, Dundee to Arbroath’.

Brendan O’Connor: ‘Two Late Bronze Age socketed axes from Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, and similar lost axes from northern Britain’.

John Lewis: ‘Excavations at Bogleys Standing Stone, Kirkcaldy, Fife’.

Catriona Gibson and Chris Stevens: ‘Iron Age and Pictish activity at Wemyss Caves, Fife’.

John Borland, Iain Fraser and John Sherriff: ‘8 socketed stones from Eastern Scotland’.

Adrian Cox et al: ‘Excavations at the Horse Cross, Perth’ (part 1)

Adrian Cox et al: ‘Excavations at the Horse Cross, Perth (part 2)

Adrian Cox et al: ‘Excavations at the Horse Cross, Perth (part 3)

Front and back cover

Volume 14 (2008)

Published November 2008. 217pp. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Contents, Contributors and Introduction by Rachel Benvie

Rebecca Jones and Gordon Maxwell: ‘A horseman riding by: Archaeological discovery in 1754’.

Martin Cook: ‘An early Christian vallum in Dunning?’

Christopher Fyles: ‘Excavations at School Road, Abernethy’

Ray Cachart: ‘Excavations at Kinross’

Thomas Rees, Douglas Gordon and Alan Matthews: ‘Excavations within the graveyard of the Holy Trinity, St Andrews, Fife’

Stuart Farrell (ed): ‘Monimail Tower: Its History, Architecture and Archaeological Investigations 1983-2000’

Ted Cowan: ‘Scottish History Competing pathways to the Past’

Volume 15 (2009)

Published November 2009. 115pp. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Contents, Contributors and Introduction by Rachel Benvie

Ross White and Phil Richardson: ‘Prehistoric pit clusters and a rectilinear enclosure at Newton Road, Carnoustie, Angus’ (Illus 1)

Ross White and Phil Richardson: ‘Prehistoric pit clusters and a rectilinear enclosure at Newton Road, Carnoustie, Angus’ (text)

Alistair Rees: ‘The excavation of an unenclosed settlement and an Early Historic multiple burial and metalworking area at Hawkhill, Lunan Bay, Angus’

Ian Suddaby and Sue Anderson: ‘A later medieval enclosure with associated field system, broad rig and aqueduct at Newton Farm, Carnoustie, Angus’

John Lewis: ‘Excavations at Newark Castle, St Monans, Fife’

Dan Atkinson, Elizabeth Jones, Morag Cross and Jacqueline Mulcair: ‘Garlet: rediscovery of a laird’s house in Clackmannanshire’

Front and back cover

Volume 16 (2010)

Published November 2010. In print. Price £4.00, including p&p

Helena Gray and Ian Suddaby: ‘A possible Neolithic structure and other features at Balcathie Farm, Elliot, Angus’

Stuart Mitchell, Sue Anderson and Melanie Johnson, ‘The excavation of a multi-period site at Alloa, Clackmannanshire’

Sarah Winlow, ‘Two new dates from two old investigations: a reconsideration of The Womens Knowe, Inchtuthil and Kingoodie long cist cemetery, Invergowrie’

John Lewis and Sam Scott, ‘Excavations at Balmerino Farm Steading, 1996-2007’

Volume 17 (2011)

Published November 2011. In print. Price £4.00, including p&p

Chris O’Connell: ‘An oval enclosure at Burnside, Blairgowrie’

Trevor Cowie, Mark Hall, Peter Northover and Brendan O’Connor: ‘A Middle Bronze Age dirk from the River Tay at Friarton, Perth’

Trevor Cowie, Barbara Armbruster and Susanna Kirk: ‘A Middle Bronze Age gold ring from near Falkland, Fife’

Murray Cook: ‘Maiden Castle, Insch, Aberdeenshire: choice and architecture in Pictland’

Hilary and Charlie Murray: ‘Excavations at the Bishop’s Palace, Brechin’

Alison Bailey and Tamlin Barton: ‘Excavations at Alloa Tower, Clackmannanshire’

Gordon Barclay: ‘The Scottish Command Line: the archaeology and history of a 1940 anti-tank ‘stop-line’’


Volume 18 (2012)

Published November 2012. In print. Price £4.00, including p&p


Melanie Johnson: ‘Urned burial cremations at Carlinwell standing stone, Airlie, Angus’

Lindsay Dunbar: ‘Unenclosed Middle Bronze Age settlement and Early Historic pits at Cliffburn Road, Arbroath, Angus’

Murray Cook: ‘The altered earth: excavations at Hill of Barra, Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire’

Edward Bailey and Andrea Smith: ‘The excavation of Neolithic, Bronze Age and early Historic features at Powmyre Quarry, Strathmore, Angus’

Peter Morris: ‘ Geophysical surveys at Coupar Angus Abbey’

Philip Dunshea: Carn Droma and the highland watershed’

Lindsay Farquharson: ‘Repair and maintenance of historic bridges’

Volume 19/20

Published 1st November 2014. In print. Price £8.00 including p&p


Lisbeth Thoms and Stratford P Halliday: ‘Survey and excavation at two prehistoric hut-circles in Tulloch Field, Enochdhu, Strathardle, Perthshire; with an evaluation of their research and regional contexts’

Laura Bailey: ‘Excavation and survey in advance of the Griffin Wind Farm, Aberfeldy, Perth and Kinross’

Magnus Kirby: ‘Keir Wood Fort: A Lowland Defensive Earthwork in Devilla Forest, Kincardine, Fife’

Ray Cachart and Derek Hall: ‘Early Christian long cists at Pitkerro, Drumsturdy Road, Dundee and Market Knowe, Longforgan’

Erlend Hindmarch: ‘Excavation at Fortingall’

Christina Donald with contributions by Graeme Cavers and David Clarke: ‘Adding a new dimension to Dundee’s carved stones Heritage Lottery Fund’

John Gilbert: ‘Falkland Park to c1603’

David Perry with contributions by Derek Hall and Richard Jones: ‘The Dundee Sugar House, Seagate, Dundee’


Volume 21/22

Published November 2016. In print. Price £8 including p&p

Rachel Faulkner-Jones: ‘Experiments with the replica Friarton Dirk’

Donna Hawthorne, Mike Roy and Jake Streetfeild-James: ‘Crab apple processing: the contents of an isolated Neolithic pit at Courthill Farm, Inverkeilor, Angus’

Ian Hill: ‘Excavations at land south of Gardyne Street, Friockheim, Angus’

Derek Hall and Kevin Malloy: ‘Always chasing deer’ – further excavations at the deer parks of Buzzart Dykes and Kincardine Park and new excavations at Kincardine Castle in 2013’

Catherine Smith, Derek Hall, Vanessa Habib, Clare Thomas, George Haggarty and Michael Hughes: ‘Keeping a close watch: pottery, faunal remains and artefacts from Perth Watching Briefs’

Christopher Fyles: ‘Monitoring the refurbishment of Kindrochit Castle, Aberdeenshire’

Louise Turner and Claire Williamson ‘Inheritance, entitlement and a sense of place: a study of two Perthshire farm steadings’

Volume 23

Published November 2017. ISSN 2632-2420 (online)

Front cover

Contents, Contributors, Introduction

Matthew Ginnever ‘An Iron Age Settlement and Souterrain at Dubton Farm East, Brechin, Angus’

Oliver O’Grady ‘St Serf’s Island. Exploring a monastic landscape on Loch Leven’

Ray Cachart and David R Perry ‘A visit to the Abbey: Excavations at the site of Arbroath Abbey Visitor Centre’

Ron Morris and Gordon J Barclay  ‘The fixed defences of the Forth in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, 1779-1815’

Back cover


Volume 24

Published November 2018. ISSN 2632-2420 (online)

Front cover: Na Clachan Aoraidh four-poster stone circle, view facing north-west

Back cover: X-ray of shears of 13th/14th-century date from excavations at Perth Theatre

Contents, Contributors, Introduction

Alison Sheridan, Derek Hall, Aida Romera, Oliver O’Grady and Rob Engl: ‘Kilmagadwood Early Bronze Age Cemetery: excavation and initial post-excavation research’

Clare Ellis and Matthew Ritchie: ‘The excavation of Na Clachan Aoraidh, a four poster stone circle in northern Perthshire’

Nuala C Woodley: ‘An Iron Age and Early Historic settlement and metal working site at Walton Road, Dyce’

Ray Cachart: ‘Treading the Boards. An archaeological evaluation and watching Brief at Perth Theatre, Mill Street, Perth’

Volume 25 (2019)

Published November 2019. ISSN 2632-2420 (online)

Front cover: Panorama of site at Peterhead, Perth and Kinross, from the South

Back cover: Side scraper from Cameron Archaeology’s excavations at Blackdog, Aberdeenshire

Contents, Contributors and Introduction

Stuart Wilson ‘Between life and death: domestic and possible funerary remains at Blackdog, Aberdeenshire’

Alistair Becket ‘The unexpected discovery and excavation of human remains at Victoria Park, Arbroath’

Michael J Hughes and Derek W Hall ‘Plasma spectrography analysis (ICP) of eleven sherds of pottery from the excavations at Perth Theatre, Mill Street, Perth’

Kevin Paton ”The Stank’ – the medieval boundary ditch of Stirling’

Kirsty Dingwall ‘Redating and rethinking: the discovery of a cropmark enclosure, burials and kilns at Peterhead, Perth and Kinross’

Notes for contributors