Published November 1998, 326pp. 7 colour plates, c.150 illus. ISSN 1360-5550 (print); ISSN 2632-2420 (online).

Volume 4 is now out of print. Articles may be downloaded here:


Caroline Wickam-Jones & Magnar Dalland: ‘A small mesolithic site at Craighead Golf Course, Fife Ness, Fife’

Magnar Dalland and Stephen Carter: ‘A prehistoric burial mound at Maryton Law, Montrose’

David Taylor, Jim Rideout, Chris Russell-White & Trevor Cowie: ‘ Prehistoric burials from Angus’

Gavin MacGregor: ‘Excavation on Bronze Age, Roman and medieval sites in Fife, 1995’

Tim Neighbour: ‘Excavations on the Roman temporary camp at Longforgan, Dundee, 1994’

Thomas Rees: ‘Excavation at Culhawk Hill ring-ditch house, Kirriemuir, Angus’

Mark Hall, Isabel Henderson and Simon Taylor: ‘A sculptured fragment from Pittensorn Farm, Gellyburn, Perthshire’

Mark Hall: ‘A probable gaming board from Ormiston, Fife’

Mark Hall & DDR Owen: ‘A Tristram and Iseult mirror-case from Perth’

Iain Fraser: ‘An additional medieval sculpture from Tealing, Angus’

Derek Hall: ‘The Scottish Medieval Pottery Industry: a pilot study’

James R Mackenzie: ‘Excavations at Green’s Playhouse, 106-110 Nethergate, Dundee’

John Lewis: ‘Excavations at Culross Palace & Bessie Bar Hall, Fife’

Simon Taylor & Michael Henderson: ‘The medieval marches of Wester Kinnear, Kilmany Parish, Fife’

Edwina Proudfoot: ‘St Andrews Cathedral Graveyard Survey’

David Perry: ‘A new look at old Arbroath’

David Pollock: ‘Excavations in Arbroath in the early 1980s’

Adrian Cox: ‘Grave consequences: a consideration of the artefact evidence from four post-medieval graveyard excavations’

Photographic illustrations