Published November 2018. ISSN 2632-2420 (online)

Front cover: Na Clachan Aoraidh four-poster stone circle, view facing north-west

Back cover: X-ray of shears of 13th/14th-century date from excavations at Perth Theatre

Contents, Contributors, Introduction

Alison Sheridan, Derek Hall, Aida Romera, Oliver O’Grady and Rob Engl: ‘Kilmagadwood Early Bronze Age Cemetery: excavation and initial post-excavation research’

Clare Ellis and Matthew Ritchie: ‘The excavation of Na Clachan Aoraidh, a four poster stone circle in northern Perthshire’

Nuala C Woodley: ‘An Iron Age and Early Historic settlement and metal working site at Walton Road, Dyce’

Ray Cachart: ‘Treading the Boards. An archaeological evaluation and watching Brief at Perth Theatre, Mill Street, Perth’